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Egypt in North Africa is known worldwide for its oldest civilizations. The amazing, colossal monuments of Egypt never fail to astonish. The heat, light and the sight of the desert rejuvenates. The cool, silver waters invigorate. The romantic cruise along longest river of world simply dazzles the senses. A world-class getaway resort in the Red Sea Riviera is truly pampering. No place has that magic, mystery and pleasure as Egypt has. Explore wonderful Egypt tourism and get ready to discover a world of wonder.

Home of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is a dazzling destination of temples and tombs that wow all who visit. It's not all historic treasures though. With vast tracts of desert, superb scuba diving, and the famed Nile River there's something for everyone here. Beach lovers head to the Sinai to soak up the sun, while archaeology fans will have a field day in Luxor. Cairo is the megalopolis that can't be beaten for city slickers, while Siwa oasis and the southern town of Aswan offer a slice of the slow pace of the countryside. Egypt has so much for travelers to see and do; it's the perfect country for a mix of activities combining culture, adventure, and relaxation.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Egypt

The last surviving of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza are one of the world's most recognisable landmarks. Built as tombs for the mighty Pharaohs and guarded by the enigmatic Sphinx, Giza's pyramid complex has awed travelers down through the ages and had archaeologists (and a fair few conspiracy theorists) scratching their heads over how they were built for centuries. Today, these megalithic memorials to dead kings are still as wondrous a sight as they ever were. An undeniable highlight of any Egypt trip, Giza's pyramids should not be missed.